How to Get Rid of Mosquitos

There’s nothing more annoying than finding insect bites all over the skin. Since mosquitoes can bite in a yard, house, or any other location, it’s important to take measures to avoid and eliminate the insects. Learning methods of how to get rid of mosquitoes can ensure that the summer is as pleasant as possible.

Repel the Insects from the Skin

The first factor that is within personal control is taking measures to prevent bites from occurring. Although it’s not possible to kill all of the insects in a local area, it’s possible to repel them by eating garlic or chives. After eating the foods, the scent of the garlic or chives will naturally encourage the insects to avoid biting.

While certain foods can help repel the insects, it’s not always practical to eat the foods that repel the insects. Spraying an insect repellent on the skin before going outdoors can be a simple solution, but it should be used with caution. Always spray a small area and ensure that it will not cause any allergic reactions before using the product over large areas of skin. Generally, DIY mosquito control should begin with finding ways to repel them and avoid bites.

Get Rid of Stagnant Water

Mosquitoes are attracted to stagnant water and will lay eggs in the water. Get rid of the insects by clearing away any stagnant water that is around the house. That may mean it’s necessary to put in a new water filter in the backyard pond or that the flower pots will need to be emptied after it rains.

Stagnant water does not always mean that there is a water feature in the yard. Water can be captured in flower pots, in yards that have poor water drainage, or any other container. Check for stagnant water in small containers to ensure that the insects are not breeding in the backyard.

Use Chemical Products

Spray the yard and any other location that is breeding the insects with an appropriate chemical product. The product can kill the insects or repel them from a particular area so that they are no longer breeding in the backyard or causing other problems within the space. The most appropriate chemical products can depend on the severity of the infestation. Generally, a small amount is appropriate when the insects are only located in a specific area.

Chemical products should be used with caution. Follow any safety instructions that are provided and make sure that pets or small children are not in the area while the chemical is being used. It may be necessary to keep children or pets out of the yard for a set period of time to avoid any potential health risks.

It’s important to repel or kill mosquitoes when they are in the yard or house because they can bite humans or pets. By eliminating the insects, they will no longer cause problems and the risks associated with mosquitoes will be avoided. There are simple solutions to prevent them from breeding in the yard or to kill them after they have infested the space.

Getting Rid of Termites: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Termites are a homeowner’s nightmare. They can silently destroy your home by literally eating it. Subterranean termites live in the soil and build tunnel systems that they use to obtain food, while drywall termites live in the wooden walls and furniture that they are consuming. Almost all homes contain wooden structures and are susceptible to termite infestations.

Check Your Home Often for Early Signs of Termites

Termites are silent, and they don’t make their presence easily known. They can consume your home before you realize it unless you keep checking for them. A sure sign of termites is a pile of tiny black, brown, or reddish droppings on floors, near wooden furniture, or in drawers. Check the basement or crawlspace to look for damage. Also check your home’s walls by tapping on them with a screwdriver. Hollow-sounding walls may be a problem.

Once you see signs of serious damage, such as holes in the walls or buckled floors, the cost of repairing your home will probably be high. That is why it is better to check for termites frequently while you can still prevent trouble. Call a termite inspector if you suspect that you have termites; the cost is worthwhile compared to the cost of losing your home.

How to Get Rid of Termites

Several products are available to help get rid of termites. Liquid baits contain chemicals that termites can take back to their colonies. The poison can get rid of an entire colony. Cardboard termite traps can help attract termites away from the house and to the cardboard. Boric acid is another option. You can apply it to wood and soil.

Preventing Termites From Returning

You cannot completely protect yourself, but you can lower the chances of having a termite infestation or re-infestation by taking the following precautions.

  • Do not keep woodpiles near your home. Termites eat wood, and are likely to live in woodpiles and migrate to your home if it is nearby.
  • Seal your doors and windows with a caulking gun and a sealant.
  • Fix leaks to prevent termites from getting access to water, which they need to survive.

Using Synthetic Versions of Natural Defenses as Pest Control

In the world of insecticides and pest control, one debate that has raged on for as long as there has been an industry has to do with using synthetic versions of natural defenses for all of your insect control needs. Both synthetic and natural defenses have a wide variety of different benefits that can’t be ignored. When you see just what you can accomplish by using synthetic versions of natural defenses as pest control and the inherent benefits that lay within, however, you might form the opinion that the choice is actually very clear.

One of the most interesting things about synthetic versions of natural defenses like Pyrethroid insecticide products actually has to do with how they work. Pyrenthroids are a synthesized version of a product called pyrethin, which naturally occurs inside the Chrysanthemum flower. This material is extracted from the Chrysanthemum flower and is used to make one of the strongest insecticides that is available on the market today.

What makes these products so equally strong is the fact that they have very direct effects on the neurological system of most insects. These products get into the body of a pest that you’re dealing with and effectively kill it from the inside, essentially.

Using synthetic versions of natural defenses like Pyrethroid insecticide products has two very key advantages that shouldn’t be ignored. For starters, the synthetic version of these products has been chemically improved to last longer than the naturally occurring version of pyrethin. In essence, it has all of the benefits that you would expect from pyrethin but also lasts significantly longer.

One of the major downsides of using the natural pyrethin has to do with its decreased effectiveness when used in direct sunlight, making it a limiting form of control for insect problems that you’re dealing with outdoors. Though the insecticide is just as strong as ever when you apply it, it rapidly begins to diminish due to the effects of the sun. Pyrethroid insecticide products have no such issues.

The other major benefit of Pyrethroid insecticide products and synthetic versions of these natural defenses is that you can still achieve the results that you want, but you don’t have to use nearly as much of the product to do it. This translates into cost savings, making it one of the most effective and affordable solutions on the market.

Another benefit is that Pyrethroid insecticide products come in a number of different forms like granules, dust, liquid concentrates and more. These forms give you a wide range of options with regards to the best way to tackle the unique problem that you’re having.

Using synthetic versions of natural defenses as pest control is a viable way to control the specific type of problem that you’ve been having. Not only is the product wildly effective, but it also comes in multiple forms so that you can more effectively take care of the pest control issue that you’ve been presented with in a unique and specific way. You can find out more about pyrethroid insecticide products here. Visit the link to determine if these types of solutions are appropriate for the type of situation that you currently find yourself in.

Fast and Easy Weed Control

Having an attractive landscaped front lawn and well-groomed backyard doesn’t include having weeds. Weeks are aesthetically disruptive. In other words, weeds are just plain ugly. In addition, weeds rob the green turf of moisture, nutrients, and sunlight. Left unattended, weeds spread rapidly and can become a serious problem. Common weeds include dandelions, morning glory, ragweed, crabgrass, and nutsedge. From systemic herbicides to pump-n-go sprayers, there are a wide variety of razor weed killers that can effectively eliminate weeds. Homeowners can do it themselves with these effective razor weed killer products and have a great looking lawn in no time.

Pramitol 25E

This herbicide is an effective weed killer control for hard to kill weeds, such as bindweed and Johnson grass. It comes in both quart size and one gallon containers. It’s often used along fence lines, around farm buildings and industrial sites. Much of its activity depends on water to move into the roots of weeds. As a result, watering or rainfall is needed. Use it before or after weeds grow.


Krovar razor weed killer can be used for both non-crop and crop weed control. It’s a biodegradable product with diuron and bromacil. Just mix it with water and spray. This pre-emergent weed control gets rid of pigweed, Russian thistle, kochia, and many broadleaf weeds. This product affects the plant’s ability to manufacture food, and the plant eventually dies. It’s also long lasting. Krovar razor weed killer remains in the soil for one to two years. It provides long term control of emerging weeds until it’s decomposed by natural biological processes. Krovar razor weed killer is mixed with water and applied with a spray-suspension system.

Razor Pro

Razor Pro is a broad spectrum post-emergence weed killer that is often used for lawns, forestry, and vegetation management. Its active ingredient glyphosate moves down into the plants’ root system. When this happens, the enzyme for production of amino acids is disrupted. As a result, the weed can’t grow. Benefits include the control of most annual and perennial weeds, rainfast within two hours of application, extended application window, and a surfactant-loaded liquid.

Roundup Quickpro

Roundup Quickpro controls grass weeds and broadleaf weeds. With diquat and the surfactant, weeds die fast. The product is also quickly absorbed by plants and rainfast in an hour. It works much faster that other glyphosphate products, and the product doesn’t wash away quickly. See results in as little as 24 hours. Other benefits include no splashing, quick solution, no-clog spray nozzles, and a calibrated cup for easy measuring.

Ranger Pro

Ranger Pro is another broad spectrum herbicide that is effective against annual weeds and perennial weeds. This product moves through the plant and into its root system. It’s a water soluble liquid with surfactant. Ranger Pro absorbs into the soil and breaks down naturally. It doesn’t spread and destroy neighboring plants. With 41 percent glyphosate, it’s proven to be highly effective at eradicating weeds.

With these technologically advanced products, both homeowners and businesses can attain that dream lawn.